Monday, June 29, 2009

Remember These?

When I was in high school, my mom gave me her Vietnam POW memorial bracelet. (Or did I take it from her jewelry chest?) I used to wear it all the time. The black engraved letters eventually wore down and I remember taking a sharpie and filling them in. I looked up the name on the bracelet back then and couldn't find any information on him- just that he was MIA.

After six years of not thinking of the bracelet, for some reason it just hit me. I could remember the name on the bracelet so clearly- Lieutenant Colonel Peter J. Frederick. So I asked my mom if the name "Peter J. Frederick" meant anything to her. Her response- "Yes. That was the name on my bracelet!" Even after several decades, she too remembers his name.

So I decided to Google Lt. Col. Frederick to see if I could find anymore updated information.
Lt. Col. Frederick of the United States Air Force went missing on March 15, 1967 (the date on the bracelet). He had a wife and an infant daughter.

In 2004, after 37 years, he was finally brought home and laid to rest.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finding Some Sanity

Things have been pretty crazy in my little world the past few days. I finally got interns at work. YES!! The mail and filing had been piling up and my office was a little hectic. But I have been training them, and they seem to be a good bunch. Competence, accuracy, and good social skills are the qualities I require in my interns. Do good work- but also be outgoing and be able to carry a conversation with me throughout the day.

Pathway to the Duck Pond

The weather was nice for a while here (though lately it has turned to overcast and in the 60s). The other weekend I took my dog for a walk to the DUCK POND. This was a childhood favorite place of mine. But sadly, when I went there again, it seemed different. When I was little- it seemed so big and wondrous, with many ducks, different flowers and even otters. But when I went there it just seemed sad. Only two ducks were there, the pond seemed small, and it didn't have that magic to it.

Two lonely ducks

Is that when we are children the world seems so much bigger and magical because we are so little? Is it because we are untainted and ignorant?

What was your favorite childhood place to visit? Do you think it would be as magical if you went back there now? Would it have changed?

In any case- spending time with family and friends helps keep me sane. The other weekend, it was my friend's birthday. (The one I surprised at the airport). Her birthday is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I think this is because us friends get together to eat, share stories and pick up as if we haven't spent a day apart. Her parents make the yummiest food, we have wine, and just laugh. Food, wine, and good company- could you really ask for anything more??

Delicious spreads and a homemade cake