Monday, April 6, 2009

Capitol Squirrels Will No Longer Go Nuts

The squirrels on the Capitol Lawn will no longer be able to indulge in their peanuts. DOA officials sent a letter asking the perp to stop spreading peanuts on the lawn. Why? Because state officials are concerned about visiting children who may have allergies to peanuts.

"Recently, someone...carpets the ground beneath the trees opposite 1 E. Main Street on the park grounds with peanuts. We are trying to get word to whoever, their concern for feeding the squirrels, is creating a much greater hazard to those visitors with allergies", the letter from director Ron Blair stated.

If true, I think it is hilarious that someone "carpets" the ground with peanuts. They must have a real affinity for squirrels to spread that many peanuts. Officials are worried that as the weather gets nicer, kids touring could be exposed. Are they more worried about the lawn looking nice or genuinely concerned that a child with allergies might just pick up a peanut under a tree?

Why don't officials work to make sure people walking their dogs don't leave their waste on the lawn? I think more people are "allergic" to that.

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