Monday, October 19, 2009

I Need Your Help... For The Troops

Would you like to tell the troops thanks?

I'm involved in a book project with Change Unlimited Ltd. It was formed more than sixteen years ago for the purposes of helping and honoring individuals, and for donating or giving financially to other. It continues that goal today.

We create books whose sole purposes are to let people know they’re important as individuals, and that they have love and support surrounding them. Whether it’s a friendship book or a book for people going through trying times, the recipient of our book is given hope, love and understanding.
Here’s how the book works.

I, one of the creators of Change Unlimited Ltd, gather stories, artwork, tips and advice to share with our service men and women. Some of this I gather from books, the internet and other places. Some of the most poignant contributions are the life stories I gather from people who have already experienced a deployment or a combat situation. (We always get the rights to use everything in our books, and if you contribute, you will get to approve your contribution before we print a word!) I compile the book, and then Change Unlimited gets it designed, printed and distributed.

This book is purchased and individualized by a friend or family member, then given to a service man or woman.

There are several chapters in the book:
Chapter 1 contains a dedication to someone who has undergone similar challenges.

Chapter 2 embodies plastic photograph sleeves that will hold letters, artwork, photos or other personal items the recipient would appreciate and the family or friend would gather and insert.

Chapter 3 shares insights provided by those who are willing sharing their story. Would you like to thank a service member but never had the chance? You can write a letter or a story outlining your gratitude. You may wish to include a quote, poem, piece of art, or photograph. Have you been affected by a deployment? What sort of advice or words of wisdom could you provide to the recipient?

Chapter 4 contains coupons that family members and friends give to the recipient. It could include a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, or baby sitting, or photography sessions or anything else that would be helpful.

Chapter 5 is a journal that has space for the recipient to jot a few lines of memorable events, thoughts, triumphs or setbacks. Each journal page contains a saying, reminder or quip that keeps keep life in perspective, makes the recipient laugh, or contributes to the process.

I would love to include your story or thank you letter for contribution. There is really no size limitation and write whatever you feel.

This book is really important to me and I am very excited to be able to help our brothers and sisters overseas.

Our goal is to have every deployed member of the military receive one.
Please let me know if you'd like to be a part of this wonderful project, and I can email you with more details.


Deb said...

wow what a great project..I'm going to put a link on my blogs so others can see and help out...

Dani said...

Thanks Deb! You rock :)